Forget the age thing.

When he was seven years old, he knew every major league baseball team and could tell you what teams were in the American League and which were National. He enjoyed watching baseball on television and liked to imitate the players. When he dressed for little league, the way he wore his uniform had to resemble […]

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The times I saw him die

I heard my mom screaming my name. It was three in the morning. I found her in the bathroom talking to my dad “Don…Don…wake up!” He was sitting on the commode, leaning back on the tank, eyes open, not breathing. My dad was an anxious guy. Like me, he internalized most of his worries and […]

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Balance: clean & organized

I enjoy cleaning our home. Resetting, reducing clutter, a clean floor. When I recently lost my job and a month later my dad, I began intentionally doing a lot of cleaning for therapy. I’ve also been helping others keep their own homes clean. It’s been a healthy way to ease through change by helping others […]

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Talk to one another

Recently I was driving to have a heart-to-heart chat with my brother. I started singing a song I had heard 37 years ago. The song, “Talk To One Another.” was written and recorded by Brown Bannister. I’m pretty sure he only produced one album. While I couldn’t remember all of the words, I knew most […]

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Say This (instead of that)

The story goes: Hall of Fame pitcher Warren Spahn was on the mound in a tie game when legendary power hitter Jimmie Foxx was coming to bat. Spahn’s coach called timeout came to the mound and told Spahn “don’t throw it high and outside, he’ll hit it out of the park.” Spahn threw the next […]

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