Training Grounds

Steven Curtis Chapman is the most prolific singer/songwriter in the history of contemporary Christian music. He has won five Grammys, 58 Dove Awards, and has sold more than 10 million albums. In May 2008, Chapman lost his daughter, Maria Sue, in a tragic accident in the driveway of their home. She was five years old. […]


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Throw me a rope.

I love encouraging people and I love being encouraged. There’s a shortage of encouragement. Gordon Dixon worked in the prison near Ionia. My dad always referred to him by his full name. I remember the summers when I was eight and nine years old and Gordon Dixon would stop over. He and my dad would sit […]

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I can’t, I get too tired.

Wendy did the math for me one night. I had asked her “how much would my life expand if I stretched each day by one hour?” The formula in my head included how long I’ll live if I have it my way, including staying healthy and active. She grabbed her phone, opened the calculator and […]

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Unexpected Inspiration

Inspiration can come from unexpected places, people or events. If you can turn the inspiration into action, you’ll often find pathways to help others win. I was having coffee with my dear friend Susan when I recounted meeting Hall of Fame Detroit Lion and childhood hero Lem Barney 15 years ago. As I was telling […]

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Duke Fisher and My Big Win

Expectations of me were high when I was growing up. I’d overhear my parents talking about how well I’d do in school, sports, drivers training. Some of the talks included “it’ll be easy for him.” I remember having an odd combination of confidence and anxiety. Like I do today. On the playground, I had always […]

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How My Dad Made Connections: In honor of those who’ve lost their dad’s before their time.

While dad was not the best communicator, he did want to connect. It was difficult for him though. When I was 12 I found a slide carousel that belonged to my older brother. Yeah, one of those things. It had some slides of inadequately clothed, and some half-clothed, women. A couple of buddies and I […]

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The “out-of-context” conversation

The “out-of-context conversation” is one of my favorite topics. Need to tell a co-worker about something that’s slowing the team down? Want to tell your boss about some extraordinary things the team is doing? You have a family member who is impacting the rest of the house with poor behavior? Try speaking out-of-context for a […]

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Success when others win! Volume I

“The Line” was the most miserable place in the whole Ore-Ida Foods factory. While 530 workers operated machines that cut potatoes into french fries, drove lift trucks to move product, repaired broken pallets, and loaded semi-trailers, “The Line” is where three people stood for eight hours picking up and setting down boxes. That job was […]

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Time Is On My Side

Christmas Day, 1970. My parents gave me my first watch. It was a Timex wristwatch and other than my baseball mitt, it was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen. It was life-changing. It had a wide, leather band. I put it on and held my wrist to my ear: tick…tick…tick…ooooh! I used it […]

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