Duke Fisher and My Big Win

Expectations of me were high when I was growing up. I’d overhear my parents talking about how well I’d do in school, sports, drivers training. Some of the talks included “it’ll be easy for him.” I remember having an odd combination of confidence and anxiety. Like I do today. On the playground, I had always […]

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How My Dad Made Connections: In honor of those who’ve lost their dad’s before their time.

While dad was not the best communicator, he did want to connect. It was difficult for him though. When I was 12 I found a slide carousel that belonged to my older brother. Yeah, one of those things. It had some slides of inadequately clothed, and some half-clothed, women. A couple of buddies and I […]

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The “out-of-context” conversation

The “out-of-context conversation” is one of my favorite topics. Need to tell a co-worker about something that’s slowing the team down? Want to tell your boss about some extraordinary things the team is doing? You have a family member who is impacting the rest of the house with poor behavior? Try speaking out-of-context for a […]

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Success when others win! Volume I

“The Line” was the most miserable place in the whole Ore-Ida Foods factory. While 530 workers operated machines that cut potatoes into french fries, drove lift trucks to move product, repaired broken pallets, and loaded semi-trailers, “The Line” is where three people stood for eight hours picking up and setting down boxes. That job was […]

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Time Is On My Side

Christmas Day, 1970. My parents gave me my first watch. It was a Timex wristwatch and other than my baseball mitt, it was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen. It was life-changing. It had a wide, leather band. I put it on and held my wrist to my ear: tick…tick…tick…ooooh! I used it […]

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How Toys Work

I opened the front door of the house. “Let’s play ‘Wrigley Fielders’” Curt and Brian yelled! Curt is my oldest son, Brian is youngest of the two. It had been a full day at work and a seat out on the deck with a beer could have been my direction. But it was a perfect […]

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